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Hāmākua CDP

Information and documents for the Hamakua Community Development Planning process
What's the next step with the CDP?
Steering Committee Review of Community Input
CDP Draft Documents
CDP outline with the status of CDP materials, links to draft documents, and forms for providing feedback on draft materials
Community Review Process (Including Event Materials & Feedback)
The Draft CDP is under review from March 15th-June 15th 2016. Several public events are planned and this folder will include the materials presented at these events, and will include the community input received during the review process.
Video Highlighting portions of the Draft Hāmākua CDP
How to Stay Informed & Provide CDP Feedback
Sign up for CDP email updates. Provide Feedback.
CDP Events
Hāmākua CDP Events - to see the monthly update, see the How to Stay Informed section under the main Hāmākua CDP menu.
How to provide feedback on the Hāmākua CDP process
Understanding the CDP Process
This folder contains information about the HCDP adoption process along with general information and frequently asked questions about Community Development Plans and the HCDP.
Steering Committee
Information about the role, selection process, members, and meetings of the Hāmākua CDP Steering Committee
Project Team
Members of the Hāmākua CDP project team and how to contact them
About the Hāmākua CDP Planning Area & Other Planning Resources
Resources related to the Hāmākua CDP Planning Area, past and present, including past planning documents, maps, images, and a contemporary community profile. People are encouraged to suggest resources to include in this section of the web site. Disclaimer: The County of Hawaii does not in any way validate or endorse the information posted on this page.
Other Information
To clean up the website, some folders that are viewed less frequently are now in this folder: CDP Input, HDCP Regional Planning Workshop 2012, HCDP Strategy Areas, Draft Hamakua CDP Documents and Estimated Draft Timeline.
File PDF document Industrial LUPAG Table
Image JPEG image DraftFeedbackDeadlineReminder.jpg
Image JPEG image 2016.9.10SCFinalRevisionWorkshopFlyer.jpg
Image JPEG image 2016.9.10SCFinalRevisionWorkshopREMINDERflyer.jpg
File PDF document 2016.9.10SCReviewofCommunityInputREMINDERflyer.pdf
Image JPEG image copy_of_2016.9.10SCFinalRevisionWorkshopREMINDERflyer.jpg
Image JPEG image copy2_of_2016.9.10SCFinalRevisionWorkshopREMINDERflyer.jpg
Image JPEG image 2016.9.28SCRevisionWorkshopFlyer.jpg
Image JPEG image 2016.9.28HCDPSCMeetingFlyer.jpg

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Upcoming Events
North Kohala CDP Action Committee Meeting Nov 14, 2016 05:00 PM - 07:00 PM — North Kohalal Senior Center in Kapaau
North Kohala CDP Action Committee Meeting Nov 14, 2016 05:00 PM - 07:00 PM — North Kohala Senior Center in Kapa'au
South Kohala Community Development Plan Action Committee Meeting Nov 28, 2016 05:00 PM - 07:00 PM — Waimea - Lilly Yoshimatsu Senior Center/Waimea Senior Center
Previous events…
Upcoming events…